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Grintuss Pediatric syrup Aboca 180g

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Syrup made from honey and molecular complexes of Grindelia, plantain and Helicriso, which soothes dry and productive cough.

Regular Price: €14.40


Content Price: 0.57€/10g

Regular Price: €14.40


Content Price: 0.57€/10g


Content Price: 0.57€/10g


Grintuss Pediatric is a syrup made based on honey and molecular complexes that performs protective and lenitive action of the upper respiratory tract.

It acts against dry cough, countering the irritation of the mucosa, and productive cough, promoting hydration and the Elimination of mucus.

Grintuss forms a protective film that adheres to the mucosa and protects it from contact with the irritant.

It reduces the friction in the larynx causing cough.

In addition, it modulates cough without deleting it, respecting its important role of defense of the Airways above.

Technical description

Miel*. Complejo molecular de Resinas, Polisacáridos y Flavonoides de Grindelia*, Llantén* y Helicriso* (Poliresin®); Titulado en polisacáridos (peso molecular >20 000 dalton) = 20 % Contiene además: Azúcar de caña*; Agua; Aceites esenciales de: Limón, Naranjo dulce; Mirto; Aroma natural de Limón; Goma arábiga; Goma xantana.

Ingrediente de Agricultura Biológica

Pharmaceutical review

No superar la dosis diaria recomendada.

Mode of use

Agitar antes de usar.

Se aconseja la administración de 5ml (una cucharadita) para los niños de 1 a 6 años y de 10ml (dos chucharaditas) para los mayores de 6 años, de 2 a 4 veces al día, suministrando la última antes de acostarse.

Contiene cucharilla dosificadora.

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